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Buried in Statistics

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After 2 years in the same house (the longest I've lived any place in 10 years) I'm going to be moving again in December. I'm not sure to where, or if I'll find a place before Christmas vacation or after, and how I'm going to find a place for 10 weeks that will allow the dog.
Winter quarter sucks.
I've already started to obsessively ditch my stuff. I've already gotten rid of 2.5 boxes of stuff, which is really only a small dent in the amount of crap I've got.
Some things are pretty hard to decide on. I've got a couple pieces of glass that I've blown, a plate and a couple of bowls. They're not really of the quality of stuff that I've given away as gifts, but they're nice enough so I don't want to just throw them out. These are the kinds of problems I let bother me when I can't think about statistics, or my data, or my upcoming committee meeting, or how I'm never going to graduate, much less get a job.

My most recent pet peeve: A fundamental assumption of performing an ANCOVA to compare regression lines it that the slopes are equal (statistically insignificant differences between them). However, every statistics program I know of just tests the differences in regression coefficient without testing the slopes. Not only that, they don't even have the option to test equality of slopes. So how many people less fastidious than I am have run ANCOVA's when they should have run a different test? Not that I haven't accidentally misused statistics, I'm sure, but that kind of pisses me off.
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